Welcome to the Developers’ section of The Serval Project. Here you will find links to the software, developer resources, and ideas on how to participate.

We hope all developers will at least communicate their findings during testing. We would also like to have as many involved as possible in other tasks – such as further development of the software, development of documentation, development of media and other resources.

We hope you enjoy being a part of the fun and friendly Serval Project community!


Prototype Android Release Candidate V2 (RC0.06.1) of Serval Mesh Software is out (via the Software page). You  will also find the brand new Serval Mesh Users Manual available there.

Please remember – this is a prototype release targeted at developers – that doesn’t mean you can’t install it, but don’t rely on it (yet!). We need input on both the software AND the manual, as well as many other tasks. We need lots of volunteers in all sorts of areas, so please help if you can.


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