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The Serval Project Wiki

This wiki provides resources for developers and users of The Serval Project. If you have any suggestions for content to be included in the Wiki, please contact wikiadmin [at]


To prevent SPAM, please contact us at wikiadmin [at] to request a user account.

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Serval Mesh

Screenshot of Serval Mesh pre-release 0.90 “Shiny” main screen Serval Mesh is an Android app that provides voice calls, text messaging and file sharing between mobile phones using WiFi, without the need for a SIM or any other infrastructure like mobile cell towers, WiFi hotspots or Internet access.

The main technologies offered by Serval Mesh (app for Android) are:

Serval Maps

Serval Maps is an Android app that uses Serval Mesh to provide collaborative, infrastructure-independent, geographical mapping.

Serval Mesh Extender (Formerly Mesh Helper)

Pair of Serval Mesh Extenders on bench The Serval Mesh Extender is a hardware device that helps other devices to join and participate in a Serval Mesh network.

  • powered by any external USB power source (5V 500mA)
  • Mesh Extenders mesh together over short distances using Ad Hoc Wi-Fi, over longer distances using packet radio on the ISM 915 MHz band
  • provides a standard Wi-Fi Access Point for nearby devices (such as smart phones) that do not support Ad Hoc Wi-Fi mode
  • offers the Serval Mesh (app for Android) app for Android for download via HTTP so that people can join the Mesh network without having previously installed the app
  • acts as a Rhizome node, storing and forwarding files and MeshMS messages
  • provides a platform for future Serval Project initiatives, such as the commoditisation of many classes of medical monitoring devices.

Trial Deployments & Exercises

The following is a list of past and planned trial deployments and related activities.

  • Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary Demonstrator July 2010
  • Nigeria InterNews Trial Jan 2011
  • KiwiEx 2012 with NZ Red Cross Feb/March 2012
  • KiwiEx 2013 with NZ Red Cross, New America OTI/Commotion and NLnet Foundation Feb/March 2013
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