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Upload map traces to OpenStreetMap

Serval Maps (app for Android) currently acquires GPS traces. These traces could be used by OpenStreetMap to improve maps in the locations where the traces are captured.

Implementation notes

The Rhizome bundles containing the map traces could be identified and submitted by a mechanism to be specified by the OpenStreetMap team. The user would have the option to opt into uploading GPS traces through this process.

It would be useful to allow the user to enter street names or other relevant data as the phone is carried about while recording a trace. Similarly, it would be useful to have an “entering a road” / “leaving a road” control so that traces can be limited to on-road sections for road acquisition.

While in map acquisition mode, Serval Maps (app for Android) could display a separate user display that has the on/off road selector, as well as entry details for street names, and adding markers for schools, hospitals and other features.

It could be useful to have function to import Serval Maps points of interest into OpenStreetMap.

Progress to date

This technology was first developed in the first half of 2013 as a student project.

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