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Field diagnosis

The Serval Mesh (app for Android) could be made to send a “diagnostic bundle” via Rhizome to Serval HQ whenever a failure was observed.

  • The user would have to initiate the diagnostic report manually, and consent to the information it contained being transmitted, stored and used by the The Serval Project
  • The diagnostic bundle would contain the latest Serval DNA log files
  • The diagnostic bundle could be a Rhizome journal so that new log file content can be appended – this could prevent, eg, more than one diagnostic bundle per day being generated by each user
  • The bundle's payload would have to be encrypted, so Serval HQ would have to have a constant Serval Identity (SID) which would be built into the Serval Mesh (app for Android)

This feature is similar in concept to User stats, in that it involves using Rhizome to collect data from users in the field, but User stats involves continuous collection of low density, anonymous data over long periods after an opt-in consent step, whereas a diagnostic report may contain sensitive information, has a high data density over a short period, and is only done once upon each manual command from the user.

New America Foundation - Second Contractor Agreement “NAF2” advanced towards Field diagnosis by implementing timed log file rotation and enriching the logged information to include the full configuration state in every log file.

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