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Version numbering

Serval Mesh uses a major.minor[.bugfix] version numbering scheme:

  • the major number increases (resetting minor and bugfix to zero) to signal a major technological advance or incompatibility with prior versions;
  • the minor number increases (resetting bugfix to zero) to indicate an improvement compatible with recent versions;
  • the optional bugfix number increases to indicate a bug fix with no new features, superseding all versions in the same major.minor number. The bugfix number is implicitly zero .0 if absent, and starts at .1 for the first bugfix release.

The currently released version number is defined by the latest release tag in the batphone GitHub repository, and can be discovered using Git:

$ cd /tmp
$ git clone -q
$ cd batphone
$ git describe --match '[0-9].*' origin/master

This number should coincide with the latest version downloadable from Google Play and from Dreamhost FTP.

  • If the GitHub release number is higher than the downloadable versions, that most probably means the last release's APK was simply not uploaded. The next release can proceed as usual, and the world will simply miss out on a version of the software.
  • If the GitHub release number is lower than the downloadable versions, then something is seriously wrong and a senior developer should investigate.
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