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Receive shared photo


  1. Three devices A B C with Release Candidate installed
  2. On each device A B C:
    1. Ensure that Serval Mesh is running: on the Serval Mesh main screen, the centre bottom button should have a light background and have the caption Switch OFF
  3. On device A, share a photo by following all the steps in test case Share photo


On each device B C:

  1. Go to Share FilesFind
  2. ASSERT The shared photo file name appears in the list
  3. Press the shared photo's name
  4. ASSERT Device pops up a File Detail window with a Date shared like 25 seconds ago and two buttons at the bottom: Save and Cancel
  5. Press the Save button
  6. ASSERT Device replaces the Save button with an Open button
  7. Press the Open button
  8. ASSERT Device displays the photo
  9. Press the Back control
  10. ASSERT Device now displays the File Detail window


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