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HTTP Proxy

Tests that the SOCKS/HTTP MSP Proxy variant of the Serval Mesh app provides user actions to start and stop HTTP Proxy service, and to discover, connect to and use an HTTP Proxy service. This test case was developed in fulfilment of New America Foundation - Contractor Agreement #33-OTIUSAID2013 “NAF6”.


  1. Two devices A B, each with:
    1. HTTP Proxy variant installed and running
  2. … and set up with the following Phone Numbers and Names:
    • 55501 TestA
    • 55502 TestB
  3. Ensure both devices A and B are associated to the same Wi-Fi access point (router) with Internet access
    1. Go to Serval main screen → Connect
    2. Ensure that the Wi-Fi entry is ON (checkbox checked) and the Access Point name shown in small print is the same on A and B
    3. Ensure Enable Services is ON (check the checkbox if necessary)
    4. Go to peer list: Serval main screen → ContactsList Phones On The Mesh)
    5. Ensure that each device shows the other in its peer list


  1. On device A:
    1. Go to Serval main screen → Proxy
    2. Press Http Proxy Start button
  2. On device B:
    1. Go to Serval main screen → Proxy
    2. ASSERT 55501 appears immediately beaneath Http Proxy heading
    3. Press the 55501 entry
    4. ASSERT After a short delay the Http Proxy 55501 entry turns green
    5. ASSERT The third row of the screen shows
  3. On device B:
    1. Go to Android System Settings → Wi-Fi → Advanced → Proxy
    2. Set Host to, Port to 8123
    3. Open Web Browser app
    4. Browse to any web page
    5. ASSERT All web pages load and display properly
    6. Browse to a non-existent web page
    7. ASSERT Browser displays Micro Proxy Not Found page (pink background)
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