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Supported Devices

This table lists the mobile devices that have been used to run Serval Mesh. This list is not exhaustive. Please add details if you try to use Serval Mesh on your phone.

Mobile/Cell Name Model Manufacturer URL (If known) Version Serval Tested Works (Y/N) Date Notes
IDEOS u8150 Huewai Specs 0.05 - 0.07 Y 9 Dec 2011 Used as base development phones by project
IDEOS X1 u8180 Huewai 0.05 - 0.90-alpha Y 12 Oct 2012 Also used as base development phones by project. Practically identical internally to U8150.
Galaxy Tab 7 inch Samsung 0.08RC1 Y 5 March 2012 Compatability added during KiwiEx 2012
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Samsung 0.08RC1 Y* during 2011 Some minor issues. A mesh formed initially from SGS2's will not later admit U8180's, but SGS2 can join a mesh with U8180's, and all is then fine. Does not work with Samsung's preview ICS builds, they have disabled ad-hoc mode completely.
Galaxy Gio S5660 Samsung Specs 0.08 Y Oct 2012 Calling worked between two similar phones, rooted Android 2.3.6
Vitality SCH-R720 Samsung Specs 0.07 Y 4 Apr 2012 Another cheap(ish) phone. Works in a mesh with the Score so far.
Score X500 ZTE Specs 0.07 Y 4 Apr 2012 Cheap phone. Found at Best Buy on sale for $40. Roots with Zergrush and works pretty good in mesh.
G1 aka Dream HTC/Google 0.05 Y* during 2010 Not extensively tested recently
Nexus1 Google 0.06 Y during 2010 Does not interoperate well with G1.
Nexus 7 Google 0.90.1 Y May 2013 In AP mode, does not run a DHCP server, no adhoc support without a replacement kernel
Nexus 10 Google 0.90.1 Y May 2013 In AP mode, does not run a DHCP server, no adhoc support without a replacement kernel
Wildfire A3335 HTC Specs 0.07 N Early 2012 Not extensively tested
Optimus Spirit LG-P690F LG
Milestone Motorola 0.90-alpha Y Nov 2012
Galaxy Nexus Samsung 0.90-alpha N Nov 2012 Checking page OK, but in logs “Failed to start Adhoc mode, mode ended up being Off”
One S HTC 0.90-alpha Y* Jan 2013 Has difficulty detecting other devices
Sensation HTC 0.90-alpha Y Jan 2013 Android 2.3.4 with HTC Sense 3.0
Razr i XT890 Motorola 0.90-alpha N Jan 2013 “Wifi chipset seems to be in confused state”
Galaxy Note 2 Samsung 0.90-alpha N Jan 2013 All tests are OK, but cannot ping or detect peers
Desire HD HTC 0.90-RC1 N Jan 2013 Install OK, but during setup: endless loop at Wifi test
OneTouch 990 Alcatel 0.90-RC1 N 30 Jan 2013 Install OK, but “Test if Wifi control works” fail –> Wifi Issue : Wifi chipset seems to be in a confused state
Defy/Defy+ Motorola 0.90 Y Feb 2013 Works perfectly! Tested between Defy and a Defy+.
Incredible 2 HTC 0.90 Shiny Y Mar 2013 Have to add this patch but then it works like a champ!
DROID RAZR Motorola 0.90 Shiny Y Mar 2013 Rooted and works with no issues.
myTouch 3G Slide HTC 0.91-pre Y Apr 2013 Stock ROM doesn't allow automated changing of AP configuration. CM7 ROM works with ad-hoc, but must be restarted to use Wi-Fi in any other mode.
Ascent Y201 U8666E Huawei 0.91 Nov 2013 after rooting, iw reports IBSS support but phone locks up if you attempt to use it
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