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Update the Wiki

After every release of Serval Mesh, The Serval Project Wiki must be updated.

In the following instructions,

  1. Edit the Releases page:
    • add a line about the next release X.Z (will have a broken link)
    • update the line about the published release X.Y
    • For example:
      * [[.:version_1_0]] is in development
      * [[.:version_X_Z]] is planned for release in late 2014
      * [[.:version_X_Y]] is planned for release in early 2014was released in April 2014
      * [[.:version_X_W]] was released in in July 2013
      * ...
  2. Edit the page for the new release (version X.Y):
    1. in the first paragraph, change the “was scheduled for release in …” wording to “was released on Monthname 20NN” and finish the sentence with a brief reason for or description of the release;
    2. immediately below the first paragraph, add “Download:” and “Shortened URL:” links, copying the format from the previous version's page and using the service to create a new shortened URL for the Dreamhost FTP link;
    3. add the “Source code” section with links to the GitHub “X.Y” tag (use the previous version's page as a template, substituting X.Y in place of the previous version number);
    4. (the “Milestones” and “Known issues” lists should already have been created earlier in the release process).
  3. From the Releases page, follow the link to the (nonexistent) page for the next release (version X.Z, created in step 1.II above), and create that page with the following content:
    ====== Serval Mesh Version X.Z ======
    Version X.Z of the [[:content:servalmesh:]] app for Android
    was scheduled for release in Monthname 20NN, succeeding [[version_X_Y]].
  4. Edit the Serval Mesh page:
    1. Move the text from the Current release section to the top of the Previous releases section,
    2. Move the text from the Next release section to the Current release section (should already link to the page for version X.Y which was edited in step 2 above) and update the text that gives a brief reason for the release.
    3. In the Next release section, replace the text to link to the next release page (version Z.X, created in step 3 above) and change the wording to “is planned for release in…”.
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