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Register as Google Play Beta tester

The Serval Project invites all members of the serval-project-developers Google Group to register with Google Play as a Beta tester of the Serval Mesh app for Android. This will allow you to install the latest Beta version and receive automatic upgrades as new Beta versions are released.

To register as a Beta tester:

  1. you need to have a Google account
  2. you need to subscribe to the serval-project-developers group using that account
  3. you need to be signed in to Google using that account
    • if you have more than one Google identity, you must sign out of all others except the one you are using, or the link below will return a 404 error
  4. add the same Google account to your Android device
  5. use your Android device to search for the Serval Mesh app in the Play Store and install it

If you want to do Beta testing, but do not agree to Google's terms of service, then you can download the latest Beta versions from The instructions for installing an APK file may be helpful.

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