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Starting or Stopping the Serval Mesh Software

It is possible to start or stop the Serval Mesh software. To do this an To do this the application can use an Intent with the appropriate action string.

  • “org.servalproject.ACTION_START_SERVAL” to start the Serval Mesh
  • “org.servalproject.ACTION_STOP_SERVAL” to stop the Serval Mesh

Additionally the application must declare that it uses the “org.servalproject.START_STOP” permission and be compiled using the same key as that which was used to compile the main Serval Mesh application.

It is important to note that by default if the Serval Mesh software is using the WiFi device in WiFi client mode the WiFi device will be shutdown as well.

The StartStopActivity in the Serval Mesh Sampler application provides sample code that shows how to use these intents.

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