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-====== APIs for Third Party Integration ======+====== Serval Mesh APIs ======
-The following is a list of APIs that the Serval Mesh software provides for third party applications to use+The following is a list of [[|API]]s that the [[..:development|Serval Mesh]] application provides to third party applications:
-  * [[ServalMeshInstalled|Serval Mesh Installed?]] - How to check if the Serval Mesh software is installed +  * [[Installed?]] 
-  * [[ServalMeshDidSid|Serval Mesh DID and SID]] - How to access the DID (phone number) and SID (subscriber id) +  * [[DID and SID]] 
-  * [[Rhizome|Rhizome]] - How to add files to, and receive files from, Rhizome +  * [[Rhizome]] 
-  * [[MeshMS|MeshMS]] - How to send and receive MeshMS messages +  * [[MeshMS]] 
-  * [[ServalMeshStateChange|Serval Mesh State Changes]] - How to listen for Serval Mesh state changes +  * [[State Changes]] 
-  * [[PollServalMeshCurrentState|Poll for Current State]] - How to poll the Serval Mesh software for its current state +  * [[Poll Current State]] 
-  * [[StartStopServalMesh|Start Stop Serval Mesh]] - How to start or stop the Serval Mesh software+  * [[Start Stop]]
-The [[ServalMeshSampler|Serval Mesh Sampler]] application provides sample code that shows how to interact with the APIs.+The [[..:sampler]] application provides sample code that shows how to interact with the APIs.
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