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Starting a New Visualisation Web Site

To start a new Serval Maps visualisation website follow these broad guidelines:

  1. Make a recursive copy of the web root for the Marion Caltrop visualisation
  2. Delete the contents of the webroot/admin/cache/forms directory
  3. Delete the contents of the webroot/admin/cache/instances directory
  4. Delete the contents of the webroot/admin/data/forms directory
  5. Delete the contents of the webroot/admin/data/instances directory
  6. Delete the contents of the webroot/admin/logs directory
  7. Copy the new form definition files into the webroot/admin/data/forms directory
  8. Copy the new form instance files into the webroot/admin/data/instances directory
  9. Using the admin panel
    1. Update the forms cache
    2. Update the instances cache
  10. Check that the visualisation works
  11. Make the necessary changes to the MarkerIndex and ValueMap classes to support the features of the new forms
  12. Make any additional cosmetic changes to the static html files as required

Please note that the processing of the data into the cached versions has been developed on an as needs basis. Therefore there may be additional work required to support form features that were not present in earlier forms.

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