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Serval Maps Visualisation Website - System Architecture

The Serval Maps visualisation website is constructed using the PHP programming language. License information for the various components of the system is available here.

Each visualisation is contain in separate directories and while they share the majority of the same code, changes to core files have been made to accomodate the different requirements of the visualisation.

The basic folder structure is as follows:

  • webroot/ - the root of the website, including static html files
  • webroot/assets/ - assets used in the visualisation, including css files, images and javascript code
  • webroot/admin/ - root of the application component of the website
  • webroot/admin/cache/ - cached and processed data used in the visualisation
  • webroot/admin/data/ - raw data files, used to construct the cached data
  • webroot/admin/libraries/ - PHP libraries used by the website, as managed using Composer
  • webroot/admin/logs/ - log files created by the website
  • webroot/admin/ServalMaps/ - the custom PHP files that are used to manage the data and cache
  • webroot/admin/templates/ - static template files used to construct the admin panel
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