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Serval Maps Development Roadmap

The tasks in the development roadmap for the Serval Maps application can be found below.

Serval Maps

Version 0.3.5

  • Implement tags (a form of folksonomy) as metadata with Points of Interest (POIs) more info
    • Add tags to POIs
    • Display tags on POI info screen
    • Filter list of POIs by tag
    • Sort list of tags alphabetically or by count
  • Enhance geographic information
    • Add altitude and accuracy information to location records
    • Add altitude and accuracy information to POI records

Version 0.4.0

  • Download mapsforge encoded data from Serval Project server
    • Convert to mapsforge format
    • Make available on Serval Project domain

Version 0.4.x

  • Unordered List ItemView a list of users displayed on the map
    • View user information from list
    • Display another users track on the map
  • Improve filtering and sorting of available map data
    • Filter by region
    • Automatically highlight file based on current location

Longer Term Goals

  • Share mapsforge data via Rhizome
  • Add the ability to categorise points of interest
    • Develop system to create and manage category templates
    • Add ability to import category templates
  • Explore options for export of geographic information to other systems as required

Other Development

Serval Maps Bridges

  • Serval Maps to Sahana Eden bridge for POI data
  • Serval Maps to FIST bridge for POI data
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