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Release History for Serval Maps

Version 0.3.1 (31 May 2012)

Version 0.3.1 builds on the previous version with new features and bug fixes primarily aimed at integrating with the new Rhizome functionality that is being included in version 0.09 of the Serval Mesh software.

Changes include:

  • Integration with the new Rhizome functionality in Serval Mesh (thanks lakeman)
  • Various tweaks to the user interface to improve the User Experience
  • Improve the display of contact information in the peer view activity
  • Improve the way in which GPS updates are processed

Version 0.3 (27 May 2012)

Version 0.3 builds on the previous version and adds a number of new areas of functionality. Including the implementation of feature requests as a result of feedback from a field trial of the software during the KiwiEx exercise conducted in February 2012 in New Zealand.

Changes include:

  • Improvements and bug fixes to the efficiency of importing of new location and Point of Interest (POI) information
  • Distance between the user and other peers / points of interest is calculated and displayed
  • The user can display their own GPS trace on the map
  • Update to version 0.3.0 of the mapsforge library
  • The list of POIs can be sorted by time and alphabetically by title
  • A picture can now be associated with a POI
  • Location and POI data can be exported in the native binary format and in plain CSV format
  • Statistics on the use of Serval Maps is collected and can be sent anonymously to the developers if the user chooses
  • Redesign of the UI to improve the User Experience and bring it inline with the overall Serval Project style (thanks timelady)
  • A variety of other minor bug fixes and tweaks

Version 0.2 - 16 March 2012

Version 0.2 is a complete rewrite from version 0.1. New features and functionality include:

* Using the Rhizome service provided by the Serval Software to share location and point of interest information across the network * A new binary format using Google Protocol Buffers for storing and sharing information across the network * An improved Content Provider for sharing information with other applications * User interface for listing information stored in points of interest in alphabetical order * Innumerable other changes and tweaks

It was decided that a complete rewrite, using the lessons learned from the development of the prototype version, was easier than retrofitting the existing prototype.

Version 0.1

No public release, development undertaken as part of the requirements for this honours thesis.

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