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Capabilities of Serval Maps

The Serval Maps application uses the mapsforge library to render a map using data sourced from OpenStreetMap.

A user of the application is able to see their own geographic location on the map. A GPS trace is stored on the device and the user can choose to see their GPS track on the map. The GPS track information is shared using the Rhizome functionality of the Serval Project software with other devices on the mesh network. This shared data is used to display the location of other users on the map.

Users of the application can also add a point of interest (POI) to the map. This information is stored on the device and is also shared with other devices using Rhizome. In this way the points of interest that have been added by other users of the application can also be seen.

A variety of options are available which control how often the map is updated, how old GPS and POI needs to be before it is removed from the map, as well as other options controlling how the map behaves.

Below are a series of screen captures from the current 0.2 development release of the application.

Main View of the Map

* 5 other users (orange icon),

  • the users own location (blue icon),
  • a single point of interest (yellow icon) |
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