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To verify that the data model is adequate, I went through the scenario from section 2, and mapped out the information that would be required in the service discovery bundle for the key users in the scenario. To keep this manageable, I have focussed only on the service discovery bundle, and excluded any Serval MeshMS or other communications. I have also left out the expiration and validity duration information, as this is logically fairly straight-forward, and is orthogonal to the search and discovery requirements.

The result is the following image, where we have the key contents of the service discovery bundle listed for each of the sub-sections of the scenario. New pieces of data that are added to a user's service discovery bundle are highlighted in yellow when they are first added. The image is pretty big, so it is shown smaller here. The diagram is also available as a PDF or the raw ODS file.

Using this diagram, we can trace through each user's activity. For example, we can trace Niere connecting to the network in 2.3, and then offering freight services in 2.5. Where she then seeks diesel fuel, we can see the offers of fuel from a Saua community member in 2.5, and then later from Boli in 2.6.

This approach to representing the data purposely doesn't show the act of searching for information, as that doesn't result in the further injection of data into the network. Rather, it was used to verify that the searches could occur, by visually confirming that the data required for the search is available at that point in time. For example, that Boli's offer for fuel is published in his service discovery bundle at or before the time that Niere searches for fuel in 2.6. That is, we have taken the approach of showing the data that resides in the Serval Mesh network to facilitate the searches – which we can thus see that it does. Implementing the search facilities will come in a later milestone.

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