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Internews Trial in Nigeria (2010/2011)

Full Report (PDF)

This trial was performed using Serval Mesh circa 0.05, which still included Asterisk and SIPDroid.

The trial revealed that participants:

  • participants used mobile communications more;
  • while communicating more, participants reduced their average mobile communications spend by using the Serval Mesh.

Towards the end of the trial the initial version of Rhizome was implemented. This proved to be extremely useful, and was used to share video that ended up being used in human rights awareness videos produced by the participants.

The main issues raised were:

  • lack of security (corrected in Serval Mesh 0.90 with the inclusion of the Serval Security Framework)
  • limited range due to Wi-Fi (being corrected with the Serval Mesh Extender devices)
  • limited battery life (being corrected in part with the Serval Mesh Extender)
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