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 ==== Power/Utility Cable ==== ==== Power/Utility Cable ====
-We are engaging with Arkidelo to design and fabricate low-pressure encapsulation mould for the D-SUB 25 connector, to provide appropriate environmental sealing of the cable headfrom which the power input connector, battery connector and (optional) external USB charge ports will emerge.  This will also need to include provision for the thumb-tighten screw-ins for the connector.  The purchase order for Arkidelo to begin work is due to be raised on 03MAR17and will take approximately 7 weeks before we receive the first parts.+This cable is IP65 D-SUB 25 female to 3-pin and 4-pin IP67 cable, designed to connect the Mesh Extender to each of: 
 +   * solar panel OR vehicular 12v/24v supply 
 +   * 2-cell LiFePO4 or 6v sealed lead acid battery 
 +It also contains an integrated I2C EEPROM that tells the Mesh Extender which radio frequency and transmit power it is allowed to usealong with other configuration data.
-For the power input / USB charge port connector, we are currently intending to use  (AU$1.38 each, for IP65-rated 4-pin 1A connectors)+[[content:meshextender:me2.0_standard_power_cable_pinout|Pinout for standard power cable]]
-For the battery connector, we are currently intending to use the 3-pin version of the above (these are not mateable with the 4-pin ones are engaging with Arkidelo to design and fabricate a low-pressure encapsulation mould for the D-SUB 25 connector, to provide appropriate environmental sealing of the cable head, from which the power input connector, battery connector and (optionalexternal USB charge ports will emerge This will also need to include provision for the thumb-tighten screw-ins for the connector.  The purchase order for Arkidelo to begin work has been raised, and will take approximately 7 weeks before we receive the first parts, probably early May.
-We will also need IP65/66 rated D-SUB 25-pin female connectors, which we have yet to source.+See the [[content:meshextender:me2.0_bill_of_materials|bill of materials]] for details on the components.
-==== Bill of Materials ====+See [[content:meshextender:me2.0_quality_assurance|quality assurance]] for details on testing the cable, and programming the integrated I2C EEPROM.
-[[content:meshextender:me2.0_bill_of_materials|Bill of Materials]]+==== Mesh of Things (MoT) / Utility Connector ====
-==== Quality Control and Testing ====+[[content:meshextender:me2.0_utility_connector_pinout]]
-We need to establish quality control, programming, test and qualification procedures for the Mesh Extender units.  To be confirmed.+==== Bill of Materials ====
-===== Mesh Extender PCB Test & Programming Rig ===== +[[content:meshextender:me2.0_bill_of_materials|Bill of Materials]]
- +
-To be designed and implemented with Theo Test rig that will allow flash programming and testing of all functions of the PCB. +
- +
-  * Super-cap safe shutdown +
-  * Ethernet port 1 +
-  * Ethernet port 2 +
-  * Wi-Fi (access point) +
-  * Wi-Fi (ad-hoc) +
-  * Servald and LBARD operate +
-  * Internal UHF packet radio operation (sniff serial port?) +
-  * Internal UHF packet radio reads, honours and reports Power/Radio cable I2C EEPROM status +
-  * External radio operation +
-  * Relay-switched output +
-  * Opto-isolated inputs +
-  * microSD card bulk storage +
-  * Control of ssh login via microSD card special file +
-  * Control of ssh login via Power/Radio cable I2C EEPROM +
-  * Web-server operates +
-  * Web-server reports radio regulatory settings +
-  * Over-the-air update operates +
-  * Over-the-air update BID can be configured via microSD card special file +
-  * Over-the-air update BID can be configured in Power/Radio cable I2C EEPROM, and is honoured +
-  * ... +
- +
- +
-===== Power/Radio Cable Test & Programming Rig ===== +
- +
-To be designed and implemented with Ryan.  Largely based on our flash-rfd900 utility to probe and program cable, combined with functional indication through a set of LEDs. +
- +
-===== Informal IP/Environmental Testing of Enclosures =====+
-Details to be confirmed.+==== Provisioning, Quality Control and Testing ====
-Suggested tests: +We need to establish quality control, programming, test, qualification and certification procedures for the Mesh Extender units.  To be confirmed.
-  * Hot weather test (operation in full sun and high humidity to 45C). +
-  * Temperature and humidity cycling test. +
-  * Water spray test with Power/Radio cable connected. +
-  * Repeated sudden power-loss +
-  * ..?+
-Success criteria: +[[content:meshextender:me2.0_quality_assurance|Quality Control & Testing]]
-  * Uninterrupted operation through tests (confirm via pingability via Wi-Fi?). +
-  * System reboots cleanly. +
-  * No condensation or dust ingress at conclusion of testing. +
-  * ..+
-==== Certifications ====+
-The ME2.0 has not yet been subjected to any certifications.  We intend to pursue Australian/New Zealand, EU and US certifications of the electronics, and IP65 or IP66 certification of the hardware. 
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