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The Mass Gathering Data Acquisition and Analysis (MaGDAA) prototype system is a collaboration between the The Serval Project and the Flinders University Disaster Research Centre.

The primary use case for MaGDAA is to facilitate the acquisition and analysis of data to support research into mass gatherings while in the field. MaGDAA is comprised of elements that collect environment data, such as temperature and humidity, as well as the acquisition of textual based data.

Integration with environment monitoring equipment is achieved through the use of Android based smartphones. The collection of textual based data, and the analysis of all of the data that has been collected, is achieved through the use of an Android based tablet.

MaGDAA extends the work undertaken in the development of the Serval Maps collaborative mapping application and uses the mesh network platform, especially the Rhizome technology, provided by the Serval Mesh software.

More information on the MaGDAA project is available here including:

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