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LG Optimus Spirit - P690F

Official Webpage

Android Version

Default ROM comes with Android 2.3.4

Driver Downloads

Refer to the official support page above.

Alternatively, it has been reported that the drivers will automatically install when using Windows 7. The phone downloads this file which is an installer. You need to select 'Install USB Driver' (it doesn't look like a button until you mouseover it), and select the phone model (LGP690F).

An unofficial mirror of the Windows 7 driver is available available here.

Ad Hoc Wi-Fi Status

Ad Hoc Wi-Fi appears to work with the “generic” Serval Mesh profile.

Gaining Root

It is possible to use Unlock Root to gain root privileges on the device.


The bootloader isn't locked. It is possible to install ClockworkMod Recovery using this flash installer, with this recovery image.

Instructions and alternate download links are available in this XDA Developers forum post

After rebooting, your screen should look like this:

CyanogenMod 7

It is possible to install CyanogenMod 7, and it is recommended to take a backup of the ROM before flashing using the tools provided by the ClockworkMod recovery image.

Copy the CM7.2 ROM on to the SD card and install it using the tools provided by the ClockworkMod recovery image.

The Google Apss package is mirrored here.


Thanks goes to xrobau for the initial instructions and unofficial mirrors of the files.

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