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Serval Project Technical Documentation

All Serval Project technical documentation is (or should be) in Markdown format, which is plain text in UTF-8 encoding using a regular notation for headers, emphasis, links, etc. Technical documentation includes:

  • API documentation and specifications
  • build, test and installation instructions
  • release notes
  • privacy and data retention policies
  • architectural notes
  • contributor lists

All Serval Mesh technical documentation resides within its respective Git source code repositories, for the following reasons:

  • it is closely tied to specific versions of software components,
  • it must be updated as new software versions are produced,
  • prior versions of technical documents must be available along with prior versions of the source code,
  • it is produced and reviewed by the same developers who work on the source code,
  • it is subject to the same copyright assignment, licensing and acceptance procedures as the source code,
  • GitHub renders Markdown and other structured text documents nicely.

The Serval Project Wiki is used to host documents that are largely independent of specific software versions and releases, and not closely tied to software development processes, such as:

  • orientation and introductory material
  • general Serval Project procedures and policies
  • general information for developers and contributors
  • road map and other long-term planning material
  • lists of useful resources
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