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Guides and documentation

Getting started with Android Development

Android Developer Tools Guide

Android UI interface Guidelines

Android Icon design guidelines

Android Design Guidelines from Mutual Mobile


Visual guide to Android UI widgets

Android App Developers GUI Kits, Icons, Fonts and Tools

Android developers UI tools & templates. Incudes icon sets, fonts, wireframing tools.

Mobile Interface Development: Ultimate GUI Toolbox for Android, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pre

Approaches for developing more effective user interfaces in Android applications - Android UI Development: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. It is a video presentation from 2 of the Android UI Toolkit team at Google.

I am coming from iOS, so liked Android Vs Iphone Differences (video)

Installing Custom Roms on Android


Android UI Development from Android Bootcamp

Android UI Development: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. From 2 of the Android UI Toolkit team at Google.

Android Vs Iphone Differences

Tips, Tricks, and Techniques from Google's Android UI Toolkit Team

Tools and plugins

Wireframing & mockups - Balsamiq

UI development for Android - DroidDraw

Context search for Android developers plugin for google chrome, that allows you to search android related websites for the keyword's you select.

Android API search plugin for google chrome, which allows you to search for and autocomplete classes and interfaces from the Android API

Titanium Mobile App Development Ide - uses web technologies to convert to native apps.

Use the Eclipse Plugin MarketPlace to ease the installation. If you are running Eclipse Classic, you can install it as a plugin, it is available in the default repo.

Android has a set of supplemental tools for stress testing, UI, and other elements of coding.

PNGcrush : CLI tool for PNG icon optimisation

OptiPNG : Another tool for PNG icon optimisation, it also has list of related tools, many GUI ones, for various platforms. Includes one for Eclipse integration.

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