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Student Projects

The Serval Project is a special project of the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics at Flinders University in South Australia. Every year some undergraduate students from the School join the project as interns and are assessed on their work. The project also regularly hosts students from overseas.

The Serval Project has also considered participating in the Google Summer Of Code.

What do students do?

Each student is given a small, well-defined piece of Serval Technology to work on, with a desired technical outcome. If the student achieves the outcome, the resulting code may be incorporated into the Serval Project, or may just be used as a prototype or demonstration to advance the project. If the technical outcome is not achieved, the work is still valuable, because the student discovers the issues that obstruct progress. If these are documented clearly in the student's final report, then he or she will still receive a good assessment, so the difficulty of the original task will not present any risk to the student's record.

Current projects (first semester 2013)

Potential projects

Code licensing

The Serval Project publicly licenses all our source code under the GPL3, so contributors must be prepared to license their code to the public under those same terms. We require all contributors to sign a release granting us the right to license their code under other terms in future. We will never withdraw the GPL3, but we may license your work to users or redistributors who do not satisfy the terms of the GPL3.

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