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OpenITP - Contractor Agreement #??-OITPDOS2013 “Grant 2”

In December 2013, The Serval Project commenced a second round of work for the OpenITP (Internet Tools Project) to release software images for the Serval Mesh Extender device and the Serval Mesh app for Android by the end of March 2014.

Section 1: Work to be Performed (Scope of Work)

  1. Release Mesh Extender software image
  2. Release Serval Mesh Android application

Attachment I

From the grant proposal:

Specifically, we [The Serval Project are requesting OpenITP's support in completing work unit 3, that together with an existing grant under consideration by the NLnet Foundation, and existing work that are have [sic] currently resourced, will allow us to complete stages 1 and 2, and thus release an easy to use and effective Mesh Extender software image, and an integrated version of the Serval Mesh Android application. This will allow the general public to form their own mesh telephony networks over interesting distances using our open-source software.



The work was completed in November 2014 with the final touches to the Mesh Extender Builder package six months later than the contracted date of April 30, 2014. The delay was due to staff absences, more-than-expected technical hitches in the Mesh Extender firmware installation process, prioritisation of other tasks such as preparation of grant submissions to sustain the Project financially, and performance of other contracts that went over time:

During December 2014 and January 2015, three pairs of Mesh Extender units were tested and shipped in working condition to the “Bleeding Edge” supporters of the Speak Freely crowdfunding campaign.

Work items performed

Several work items were performed to satisfy the contract:

The following work items were performed to demonstrate fulfilment:

  • W6 Flash, test and ship three working pairs of Mesh Extenders
  • W7 Provide technical support for Mesh Extender early adopters


Build Serval DNA for OpenWRT


OpenWRT release procedures


Improve Serval Mesh "Connect" screen


Release Version 0.92 of Serval Mesh


Mesh Extender firmware


Test and ship Mesh Extenders


Mesh Extenders technical support

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