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This is a summary of all the projects and initiatives currently in progress at the Serval Project. To get involved, please contact

Ongoing Grants

Community Events

Commotion integration

Serval DNA has been integrated into the Commotion Project's OpenBTS GSM base station in order to connect conventional GSM phones to the mesh and extends the reach and security of Commotion's mobile coverage by meshing its OpenBTS base stations together:

The Serval Mesh (app for Android) has been integrated with Commotion's MeshTether app so that it can coexist with other Commotion apps on the same Android device:

Serval DNA is being improved to provide essential Serval mesh network services such as Rhizome and Mesh Stream Protocol (MSP) through APIs to third party apps:

This work is funded by the Open Technology Institute which is part of the New America Foundation.

Mesh Extender development

The Serval Mesh Extender device has been funded by the NLnet Foundation and OpenITP:

Smart phone app development

The Serval Mesh application for Android has been funded by the NLnet Foundation, the Shuttleworth Foundation and OpenITP:

The Serval Chat application for iOS has been funded by the NLnet Foundation:

Succinct Data

Disaster response teams need rapid communications with their local headquarters whilst in the field. The only channels are typically low-bandwidth and expensive, like satellite phones. Succinct data transmits short messages like MeshMS over these channels by using data compression, relegating large data items like images or videos to Rhizome, which will arrive later.

New Zealand Red Cross field trials

Serval Project has participated in field exercises of the New Zealand Red Cross for the last two years.

City of Marion Caltrop management

The City of Marion trialled the use of Serval SAM and Serval Mesh to allow council workers and eventually the general public to report and document outbreaks of the noxious Caltrop weed.

Student Projects

There are several Student Projects completed, in progress and proposed.

<ifauth @student,@seniordev,@admin>Students and senior developers may access the Student Area (this link visible only to students and senior developers).</ifauth>

Some Serval Project team members usually attend the annual conference to promote the project and engage with the free software community.

Future projects

The technology roadmap describes ideas and features that have not yet been funded or scheduled for release.

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