OLSR coming to Serval project – and your phone | www.olsr.org

Last week, the New America Foundation kicked off a project which aims at bringing mesh technology to mobile phones. The idea is to create “circumvention devices” wich dissidents who are threatened by their state turning off Internet access can use to circumvent these blocks. (We recently saw this happening in Egypt). The project is at a very early stage and it is one of the many applications of mesh routing and OLSR.

The Serval Project is a nice example of an attempt to create “meshed phone” devices. I helped Jeremy Lakeman and Alexander Chemeris a bit and they went into their wonderful hacking mode and initially ported OLSR to the Serval project.

The following text is the writeup which summarizes the necessary steps.

PS: remember – technology is always dual use. Steel can be made into a sword or a plough. Meshes can be used for control or for circumvention.

via OLSR coming to Serval project – and your phone | www.olsr.org.