Thanks to everyone

A quick thank you so much to everyone who has contacted us in the last few days. As Dr Paul is leaving to go on holiday to a super secret destination, I will be running things for a few weeks. I am also presenting at the Telstra Innovation Challenge on Tuesday.

With all of that, plus winning the episode of the New Inventors, well, it means we have been superbusy the last few days! So, if you have contacted us, please, be patient, we are slowly working our way thrugh the list of everyone, and I will be responding to each of you over the next few days. The mailing list (should you have nominated to join) will be up and running on Monday – and I hope to see lots of activity there:)

Don’t forget, to start the helping process, tell your local MP about us. Tell your local newspaper. Tell your friends. Blog about us.

Make some noise, and lets see if we can’t get some funding happening to get Serval rolled out to everyone who needs it!

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