Android Shipments Up Nearly 900% compared to a Year Ago

According to this report, Android has become, out of nowhere, a serious contender for the crown of most used software platform in mobile devices. To give it some perspective, the Android platform now has a 34% market share, in second place with 32% is BlackBerry, and third place with 23% goes to Apple. So while front runner at the moment, it also looks as if the sustainability of the platform shows stable numbers, and a very bright future.

From our perspective, it vindicates our decision to choose this Open Source based platform to develop on. After all, our hope is for one day, all phones to have the software installed by default, waiting for those (hopefully never needed) emergency situations, or, more happily, travel in remote places for fun scenarios in the more developed nations, and so that recycled phones can have a new life in third world countries, running this software automatically, as opposed to the setup required now. Of course we intend the release of Android package(s) to make it easier, but imagine having to retrofit a large number of phones!

So, having it as a friendly, reassuring icon on a phone, allowing for a sense of connection and security, is our ultimate goal.

For those wondering, we hope to be able to port to other platforms at a later date, and hopefully connect with developers who are interested in doing so. However, proprietary development has issues that make it unlikely in our foreseeable development timeline for the next few years.

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