Android’s Many Versions

Every time we talk about Android phones around here, we pay a lot of attention to which version of Android those phones run. Why are there so many variations and why does it matter to users? via Android’s Many Versions And What’s In Them | Lifehacker Australia.

Lingering in broadband limbo

“Broadband is the oxygen of the 21st century. We should demand great big ducts to keep the ventilation flowing through our lives, not tiny straws that can be pinched off, leaving us with nothing but stale air.” via ABC The Drum Unleashed Connectivity is the live giving oxygen to growth of the community, to connecting […]

Where we could have helped

Blackouts continue as SA clears storm damage – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). There is a distressing amount of articles that show how much a Serval Batphone system could have helped. Even the Monarto Zoo, mentioned in the final paragraphs, could benefit from our setup. There is also the New Zealand earthquake scenario, in Christchurch. […]

Thanks to everyone

A quick thank you so much to everyone who has contacted us in the last few days. As Dr Paul is leaving to go on holiday to a super secret destination, I will be running things for a few weeks. I am also presenting at the Telstra Innovation Challenge on Tuesday. With all of that, […]

A little rain must fall

It is absolutely bucketing down here in Adelaide, with windy, stormy, and sort of wonderfully wild weather. I believe Victoria is experiencing similar conditions. This means we have had intermittent blackouts – today’s lasting all afternoon and into the dark evening. Ok, Romana, great, what has that to do with Serval? Quite a lot, actually. […]