Calling owners of quite extraordinary mobile phones

Red Symons is an extraordinary man, who became aware of our project*, and conducted an interview with our Dr Paul about the cost of mobile phone technology – and how it doesn’t have to be that way. He has written an extremely witty and clever article about it. ABC The Drum – Calling owners of […]

Batphone targets blackspots

Image via Wikipedia Our own Dr Paul has been interviews on the ABC‘s Bush Telegraph rogram about how regional and rural communities in Australia could benefit from the technological future offered by Serval – all at an incredibly low cost compared to current technologies… Batphone targets blackspots – 25/08/2010. It would be fantastic if we […]

the human network writes…

We have all dreamt of the paperless office. What about education and where computing can take it? This Paperworks / Padworks article from the human network blog is both fascinating and intelligent, and it also provides an insightful, clear look at the future – not with pie in the sky dreams, but based on the solid […]

U.S. Android Sales Surpass BlackBerry

Google’s mobile handset platform continues to gain market share around the world, with 17.2 percent of all smartphones sold in the second quarter running the Android operating system, according to data released by Gartner today. Not only did Android handsets outsell the iPhone, but they also outsold RIM’s BlackBerry platform. According to Gartner, BlackBerry is now the […]

Dr Paul on Serval Batphone and travelling…

I am sitting in Changi Airport, Singapore, on my way to the International Summit for Community Wireless Networks, and I have had one of those aha moments about how Serval can help people communicate. You see, I have just finished talking to my wife by telephone, having called our home number as though I were still at home […]

Nexus One Resurrected as Official Developer Phone

Google has announced on their developer’s blog that the well-loved phone is going to become their official developer phone, offered for $529. The phone will come with Android 2.1 installed, but will update to 2.2 as soon as it powers up. Accessories will also still be available from the HTC European store. via Nexus One […]