Google Nexus One is changing the way we use our phones here at the project!

Dr Paul has just, with some excitement and discovery, I think, upgraded his old basic flip phone to his first smartphone – the Google Nexus One. I, on the other hand, have also, oddly, changed phones. In a sideways leap of faith, one could say. On my personal blog, I have begun an ongoing series on how […]

New phone in arsenal!

At the moment, all of our stock testing equipment has been HTC Dream handsets. With some donations from team members, we have managed to acquire a couple of Google Nexus One phones, which seriously ups our processing power. If anyone knows an ear at Google, or HTC, or where we can acquire cheap unlocked Android handsets, please, let us know! Related […]

LinuxSA Presentation

Tonight Dr Paul delivered a presentation to LinuxSA on the Serval Batphone. There were some amazing questions, and a great amount of interested. We are putting the video up this weekend on our shiny new YouTube channel – so watch this space! All of our videos, from the tests, media releases, and presentations are being […]

Code available!

The DNA source code is now available under GPLv2 at: We are proud about our use of Open Source technology as a backbone to all our endeavours to help people globally in times of need – whether they be temporary, due to disaster, or more permanent issues, due to geographic issues, or socio economic constraints. We […]

Our Awesome supporter writes about us

The Awesome Foundation, like Flinders University, has been an incredibly enthusiastic supporter of ours since almost day 1 – and they have really helped us progress, in both practical and encouragement terms. They have done a lovely write up of us at their site. They also remind us of a remote presentation our own Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen […]

The ABC crew that filmed us…

…put us on their nightly news, and of all the stories and articles, this is the most satisfying, as I got to meet and chat with the reporter and cameraman. Both lovely guys:) The response to Serval has been nothing short of inspiring wonderful:) Thank you to everyone who has commented or enquired so far – and keep it […]