Where we could have helped

Blackouts continue as SA clears storm damage – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). There is a distressing amount of articles that show how much a Serval Batphone system could have helped. Even the Monarto Zoo, mentioned in the final paragraphs, could benefit from our setup. There is also the New Zealand earthquake scenario, in Christchurch. […]

Thanks to everyone

A quick thank you so much to everyone who has contacted us in the last few days. As Dr Paul is leaving to go on holiday to a super secret destination, I will be running things for a few weeks. I am also presenting at the Telstra Innovation Challenge on Tuesday. With all of that, […]

A little rain must fall

It is absolutely bucketing down here in Adelaide, with windy, stormy, and sort of wonderfully wild weather. I believe Victoria is experiencing similar conditions. This means we have had intermittent blackouts – today’s lasting all afternoon and into the dark evening. Ok, Romana, great, what has that to do with Serval? Quite a lot, actually. […]