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 +====== User stats ======
 +The [[Serval Mesh]] could be instrumented to record statistics on:
 +  * time spent on each Android activity (screen)
 +  * user actions (button presses, etc.)
 +  * time spent with mesh services enabled
 +  * number of peers
 +  * volume of [[MDP]] traffic
 +  * [[VoMP]] voice calls
 +  * [[MeshMS]] messages sent and received
 +  * [[Rhizome]] synchronisation and expiry
 +  * memory usage
 +  * battery levels
 +It could periodically send anonymous, encrypted summaries of these statistics via [[Rhizome]] to [[Serval HQ]] so that the [[:content:about]] developers can learn how their software is being used and identify possible improvements.
 +The collection and transmission of these statistics would only proceed after informing the user of what data would be collected and obtaining the user's consent (an "opt-in" dialog).  It should be possible for the user to opt out at any time, and may even be better to periodically ask the user for consent to continue.