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 +====== Serval Directory Service (SDS) ======
 +SDS is a registry that associates a [[subscriber name]] and/or [[DID]] with one or more [[SID]].  Any subscriber may potentially register with an SDS, and an SDS may also have its own source of registry entries, such as a bound Asterisk exchange. SDS allows the decentralised [[DNA]] Lookup service to be supplemented with infrastructure, ie, [[mesh network]] nodes offering persistent services or bridges out of the mesh.
 +  * maps [[DID]] or [[Subscriber Name]] → [[SID]]
 +  * responds to [[DNA]] Lookup requests
 +  * keeps registry of [[DNA]] entries (SID-DID-name)
 +  * accepts registrations and renewals of [[DNA]] entries
 +  * collects and caches [[DNA]] responses from local networks
 +SDS is part of [[Serval infrastructure]], and allows isolated [[mesh network]]s to be bridged together over other network infrastructure, such as the Internet, satellite up-link, or a data back-haul.