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 +====== Broadcast MeshMS ======
 +Broadcast MeshMS allows a user of the [[Serval Mesh]] to send a [[MeshMS]] text message to all other [[Mesh network]] users.  It does this by setting the **recipient** field of the [[Rhizome]] manifest to the [[SID|broadcast address]], and by the Rhizome transport and MeshMS implementations handling this address specially.
 +This feature was hastily implemented for the Shuttleworth Summit in Berlin in mid 2012.  The initial implementation had the problem that all recipients of a broadcast message would send an ACK back to the sender, just as they would for any received MeshMS.  In a large [[Mesh network]], this would cause a storm of unwanted [[Rhizome]] bundles, congesting the network and effectively turning a Broadcast MeshMS into a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack|DDoS]] attack.