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 +====== Serval SAM ======
 +Serval SAM ("Survey Acquisition Manager") is a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_and_open-source_software|free and open source]] application for [[http://developer.android.com/about/versions/android-2.3-highlights.html|Android 2.3.3 "Gingerbread"]] [[http://developer.android.com/about/versions/android-2.3.3.html|MR1 (API level 10)]] or later.  It uses the [[http://opendatakit.org/|Open Data Kit (ODK)]] to capture survey form data entered by the user, and sends the captured survey data ("form instances") to a central collection point via [[:content:tech:Rhizome]].
 +Serval SAM works as follows:
 +  - The user launches the Serval SAM app and chooses a survey form from the list of configured forms
 +  - Serval SAM launches the [[http://opendatakit.org/use/collect/|ODK Collect]] app which presents the selected form for the user to fill in
 +  - When the form is completed, finalised and saved, Serval SAM packs the form instance into a [[:content:tech;Rhizome]] bundle which it passes to the [[:content:servalmesh:]] app
 +==== Dependencies ====
 +Serval SAM must be co-installed with the following two apps:
 +  * [[http://opendatakit.org/use/collect/|ODK Collect]] from the [[http://opendatakit.org/|Open Data Kit (ODK)]] project (you can download [[http://developer.servalproject.org/files/kiwiex-2013/odk-collect-v1.2.2.apk|odk-collect-v1.2.2.apk]] and [[http://developer.servalproject.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=content:android:tips:install_apk|install it directly]])
 +  * [[:content:servalmesh:|Serval Mesh]] from [[:content:about]] (see the [[:content:servalmesh:|Serval Mesh]] page for installation instructions)
 +==== How to install ====
 +Serval SAM is currently in development, and is available as source code from the **[[https://github.com/servalproject/survey-acquisition-management/tree/development|survey-acquisition-management]]** repository on [[https://github.com/servalproject|GitHub]].  There are no instructions for building and installing from source code, but it is a standard Android project, so the [[http://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.html|official Android training material]] is the best place to start. 
 +The pre-built APK **[[http://developer.servalproject.org/files/kiwiex-2013/serval-sam.apk|serval-sam.apk]]** was used for the [[:content:activity:KiwiEx 2013|KiwiEx 2013]] field exercise.  You can download this and [[http://developer.servalproject.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=content:android:tips:install_apk|install it directly]].
 +==== How to configure ====
 +Before Serval SAM can be used, it must be configured with the forms that it will present to the user.  Configuration is performed as follows:
 +  - place certain files into the ''/servalproject/sam/configs/'' directory on the Android device
 +  - launch the Serval SAM app on the device
 +  - press the //Load Configuration// button
 +  - follow the prompts to complete the configuration
 +The **[[http://developer.servalproject.org/files/kiwiex-2013/kiwiex-2013_2012-02-22_config.sam.serval|kiwiex-2013_2012-02-22_config.sam.serval]]** ZIP file contains a bundle of configuration files that were used for [[:content:activity:KiwiEx 2013]].  This ZIP file can be unpacked into the ''/servalproject/sam/configs/'' directory to fulfil **step 1** above.