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Peer list shows all nearby Batphones


  1. At least four devices A B C D with Release Candidate installed and running, set up with the following Phone Numbers and Names:
    • 55501 TestA
    • 55502 TestB
    • 55503 TestC
    • 55504 TestD


  1. On each device A B C D:
    1. Go to ContactsList Phones On The Mesh
    2. ASSERT the first entry in the list is for Broadcast/Everyone
    3. ASSERT the next three entries are the Names of the three other phones
  2. On device A, go to main screen via BackBack, press Switch OFF and wait for button to go dark with caption Switch ON
  3. Wait 20 seconds
  4. On each device B C D:
    1. Re-load peer list via BackList Phones On The Mesh
    2. ASSERT peer list is as before but with TestA entry now absent


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