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Receive all text messages on activation


  1. Two devices A B with Release Candidate installed and running, set up with the following Phone Numbers and Names:
    • 55501 TestA
    • 55502 TestB
  2. Ensure that the peer list (Serval main screen → ContactsList Phones On The Mesh) on each device shows the other device
  3. Ensure device A is running: on main screen, the centre bottom button has a light background and the caption Switch OFF
  4. On device B, turn off Serval Mesh: go to main screen and press Switch OFF button
  5. On device A, send three messages to device B by following all the steps in test case Send text message from peer list three times, with the texts One, Two and Three in that order
  6. Ensure that device B does not receive any message


  1. On device B, turn on Serval Mesh: go to main screen and press Switch ON button
  2. Wait a few seconds
  3. ASSERT Device B sounds a notification and status bar displays 55501 Three for a second, then returns to showing status icons which include a Serval logo showing 3 in a red circle
  4. On device B, go to Serval main screen → Messages
  5. ASSERT Device B displays Serval Mesh Messages screen with a 55501 TestA entry below the text box and + button
  6. On device B, press the 55501 TestA entry
  7. ASSERT Device B displays message thread with 55501 TestA at top left, Delete button at top right, and the three messages One, Two and Three inside text bubbles at the right, in that order from top to bottom


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