====== Delete text messages ====== ==== Fixture ==== - Two devices A B with [[..:release_candidate|Release Candidate]] installed and running, set up with the following Phone Numbers and Names: * 55501 TestA * 55502 TestB - Ensure that the peer list (Serval main screen -> **Contacts** -> **List Phones On The Mesh**) on each device shows the other device * If not, then the test case [[..:peer_list_ok:|Peer list shows all nearby Batphones]] should also fail, which is the correct place to attach a full diagnostic report - Send a message from device A to device B and a reply back to A by following all the steps in test case [[..:meshms_reply:|Reply to text message]] - Ensure that devices A and B both now display the message thread showing //Hello// from device A to B and reply //World// from device B to A ==== Test ==== - ASSERT Device A shows message thread with //55502 TestB// at top left and //Delete// button at top right - On device A, press the **Delete** button - ASSERT Device A pops up a dialog //Do you want to delete this entire thread?// with buttons //OK// and //Cancel// - On device A, press **OK** button - ASSERT Device A returns to Serval Mesh //Messages// screen - ASSERT Device A does not display any entry for //55502 TestB// - On device B, enter the word **//Again//** in the text field and press **Send** button - Wait a few seconds - ASSERT Device A sounds a notification - ASSERT Device A now displays an entry for //55502 TestB// on the Serval Mesh //Messages// screen - On device A, press the **55502 TestB** entry - ASSERT Device A displays message thread with //55502 TestB// at top left, //Delete// button at top right, and a single //Again// message inside text bubble at lower right ==== Results ==== * [[.:result-Serval-0.90-currenttestcandidate|results for Serval-0.90 current release test candidate]]