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Cancel text message before sending


  1. Two devices A B with Release Candidate installed and running, set up with the following Phone Numbers and Names:
    • 55501 TestA
    • 55502 TestB
  2. Ensure that the peer list (Serval main screen → ContactsList Phones On The Mesh) on each device shows the other device

At this point, devices A and B appear on each other's peer list. If not, then the test case Peer list shows all nearby Batphones should also fail, which is the correct place to attach a full diagnostic report.


  1. On device A, go to peer list: Serval main screen → ContactsList Phones On The Mesh and press the TestB entry text icon (white speech bubble)
  2. ASSERT Device A displays Serval Mesh message screen with 55502 TestB at top left, Delete button at top right, text field at centre left and Send button at centre right
  3. ASSERT Device A input focus is in text field and keyboard should be present
  4. On device A, enter the word Hello in the text field but do not press Send button
  5. On device A, press Back control
  6. ASSERT Device A returns to peer list screen
  7. ASSERT Device B receives no message


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