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  1. One device without Serval Mesh installed
  2. Internet access via Wi-Fi hotspot
  3. On the device, turn on Wi-Fi and associate to the hotspot
  4. Ensure the device now has Internet access by performing a Google search


  1. Download Release Candidate to device:
    1. Start the Web Browser app
    2. Enter the Release Candidate shortened URL into the Browser location field and press Go
    3. ASSERT The API file downloads and produces a Download complete notification when finished
  2. Pull down the Android status bar and press the Notification for the downloaded APK file
  3. ASSERT Device displays Serval Mesh installation screen: Do you want to install this application? followed by a list of permissions
  4. Record (write down) all listed permissions, scrolling down the list, and including those revealed by pressing Show all at bottom of list
  5. Press Install button
  6. ASSERT After about 20 seconds, Application installed screen appears
  7. Press Open button
  8. ASSERT Serval Project HERE BE DRAGONS dialog appears
  9. Press I agree button
  10. Deny superuser permission when asked
  11. Go through SETUP WIZARD with number 55501 and no name
  12. Go to Serval main screen → Help
  13. ASSERT Release Candidate version number appears in lower part of screen
  14. ASSERT Full text of General Public License Version 3 is available
  15. ASSERT Listed permissions exactly match those advised prior to installation
  16. Navigate into and out of all sub-screens in turn by pressing buttons and using Back control to return
  17. On each sub screen:
    1. ASSERT Text is present and intact
    2. ASSERT All links to external pages work


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