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Add contact from peer list


  1. Two devices A B with Release Candidate installed and running, set up with the following Phone Numbers and Names:
    • 55501 TestA
    • 55502 TestB
  2. Ensure that the peer list (Serval main screen → ContactsList Phones On The Mesh) on each device shows the other device

At this point, devices A and B appear on each other's peer list. If not, then the test case Peer list shows all nearby Batphones should also fail, which is the correct place to attach a full diagnostic report.


  1. On device A, go to peer list: Serval main screen → ContactsList Phones On The Mesh
  2. On device A, press the TestB peer entry add icon (+ inside white circle)
  3. IF Device A pops up a Complete action using menu:
    1. ASSERT Pop-up menu contains a Contacts item
    2. Press Contacts menu item
    3. ASSERT Pop-up disappears
  4. ELSE
    1. ASSERT Device A displays a contacts list view containing an entry for 55502
    2. Press Back control
  5. ASSERT Device A displays peer list with TestB entry missing the add icon
  6. On device A, go to Serval main screen → ContactsShow Android Contact List
  7. IF Device A contact list is missing entry for 55502
    1. Go to MenuDisplay options, enable display of Serval Mesh contacts
  8. ASSERT Device A contact list contains entry for 55502


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