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Call number from contact list


  1. Two devices A B with Release Candidate installed and running, set up with the following Phone Numbers and Names:
    • 55501 TestA
    • 55502 TestB
  2. Ensure that the peer list (Serval main screen → ContactsList Phones On The Mesh) on each device shows the other device
  3. On device A, add device B to the contact list by following all steps in the test case Add contact from peer list
  4. Ensure that device A's contact list displays an entry for 55502 TestB


  1. On device A, go to contact list: Serval main screen → ContactsShow Android Contact List
  2. On device A, open the entry for 55502 TestB by pressing it
  3. ASSERT Device A displays a screen with at least the two following items:
    • Call main 55502
    • Call Mesh sid:XxXxXxXx* (where Xx are hex digits)
  4. On device A, press Call main (green telephone icon)
  5. ASSERT Device A shows a screen with a Call via cellular network button at the top and a peer entry for TestB below
  6. On device A, press the TestB entry call icon (green telephone)
  7. ASSERT Device B rings and displays Serval Mesh call screen

Clean up

  1. EITHER On device A press End Call. Any failure in this process should be reported under the test case:
  2. OR On device B press Decline. Any failure in this process should be reported under the test case:


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