====== Serval Mesh Version 0.92 ====== Version 0.92 of the [[:content:servalmesh:]] app for Android was released on **October 27, 2014**, succeeding [[version_0_91]]. Download: http://developer.servalproject.org/files/Serval_Mesh-0.92.apk (1.8 [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebibyte|MiB]])\\ Shortened URL: http://bit.ly/1DtKbnA ==== Source code ==== The source code is held at the [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/tree/0.92|Batphone tag 0.92 at GitHub]]. See also the following GitHub links: * [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/blob/0.92/CURRENT-RELEASE.md|Batphone 0.92 Release Notes]] * [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/blob/0.92/INSTALL.md|Batphone 0.92 Build and installation instructions]] * [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/blob/0.92/README.md|Batphone 0.92 README]] * [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/blob/0.92/PRIVACY.md|Batphone 0.92 Privacy Policy]] ==== Changes since 0.91 ==== * Improved "Connect" screen with support for [[:content:tech:commotion_meshtether]] * Does not attempt to use Ad Hoc Wi-Fi or install Wi-Fi drivers unless the "Ad Hoc" network is selected on the "Connect" screen, so risk of inadvertently bricking devices is reduced * Better mesh routing uses unicast packets when broadcast packets don't work, so phones respond even when the screen is off * New [[:content:tech:MeshMS]] protocol with end-to-end encryption and delivery confirmation (**Note: incompatible with earlier releases**) * Improved "Peer List" screen is more responsive and no longer freezes under network load * New [[:content:tech:Rhizome]] sync protocol is more efficent and backwards compatible (**Note: bundles will not propagate from this to earlier releases**) * [[:content:tech:Rhizome]] no longer consumes all available storage, but leaves 100 [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mebibyte|MiB]] free at all times * Heavy [[:content:tech:Rhizome]] sync activity has less impact on voice call latency, but can still degrade voice calls * Multi-hop voice calls are now possible, but still suffer from some issues * New built-in Dialler screen for devices that do not have a Dialler (eg, tablets) * Various user interface and stability improvements ==== Acknowledgements ==== The improvements in this release were funded by: * [[:content:activity:openitp2]] -- co-release with [[:content:meshextender:]] * [[:content:activity:naf4]] -- reduced Rhizome DB locking issues and battery drain while services enabled * [[http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/speak-freely|Speak Freely crowdfunding campaign]], including our True Believers: * Douglas P. Chamberlin * Walter Ebert * Andrew G. Morgan, California, USA * Fred Fisher