Serval Mesh Version 0.90.1

Version 0.90.1 of the Serval Mesh app for Android was released on February 4, 2013, to correct some serious issues in release 0.90 “Shiny”.

Download: (1.9 MiB)
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Source code


Known Issues

  • Rhizome may consume all of your SD card space
  • Rhizome transfers may degrade call quality during calls
  • MeshMS message bundles grow without limit
  • Issues of scalability have not been addressed
  • Multi-hop communications have not been thoroughly tested
  • No echo cancellation during voice calls
  • Voice codec is not bandwidth efficient
  • Joining an Ad-Hoc mesh network requires root permission
  • Joining an Ad-Hoc mesh network is not possible on some Android platforms
  • Some android platforms will not be usable even on Wi-Fi, or may drop off the network when the screen is turned off
  • No authentication process to verify the identities of other people on the network
  • Broadcast MeshMS is experimental and may be deprecated
  • Phone number lookup on the peer list is not concurrent
  • Batphone issue #76 – no “ringing” or “hangup” sounds from VoMP
  • Batphone issue #68 – crash when other party hangs up during high network latency or congestion
  • Batphone issue #70 – crash adding contact from peer list
  • Batphone issue #71 – crash opening peer list on Samsung Galaxy S CyanogenMod 10 nightly build
  • Batphone issue #72 – Rhizome fetch retries worsen network congestion
  • Batphone issue #73 – does not restore user's personal hotspot ESSID after changing it to “”
  • Batphone issue #75 – incoming message notification sound changed by WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy Ace CyanogenMod 7