====== Serval Mesh release 0.08 ====== Version 0.08 of the [[content:servalmesh:|Serval Mesh]] app for Android was released on **June 27, 2012**, succeeding [[:content:servalmesh:releases:version_0_07|release 0.07]]. Download: http://developer.servalproject.org/files/Serval-0.08.apk (4.8 MiB) ==== Source code ==== The source code is held at the [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/tree/0.08|Batphone tag 0.08 at GitHub]]. See also the following GitHub links: * [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/blob/0.08/BUILD.txt|Batphone 0.08 build script]] * [[https://github.com/servalproject/batphone/blob/0.08/README.TXT|Batphone 0.08 README]] ==== Milestones ==== * Early preview of offline file sharing through the new [[:content:tech:rhizome|Rhizome]] system * Early preview of offline text messaging using [[:content:tech:rhizome|Rhizome]], uses WebSMS/SMSDroid as the front end * Smaller APK file size * Improved handset support: added [[:content:devices:Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch:|Galaxy Tab]] ==== Bug fixes ==== * Reduced prompting for root access, better detection of failures * Keep a foreground service running to prevent our process being killed while started * Fixed control of hotspot on Android 4.0+