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Bill of Materials

The current bill of materials is as follows, but note that this is subject to change, and is currently incomplete.

Also, for many items the purchase quantities are small, and pricing is retail rather than wholesale, and considerable cost savings are expected with bulk wholesale purchases. Prices exclude shipping, except where specified.

Part Source Cost Quantity Unit Cost Stock On Order
PCB RFDesign TBA 1 TBA 50 0
RFD900+/RFD868+ UHF packet radio module RFDesign AU$120 1 AU$120 6 0
2.4GHz Wi-Fi antenna US$2.50 1 US$2.50 48 0
900MHz 3dB or 9dB antenna (2 per unit) AU$150 50 AU$3.00 93 0
433MHz or 868MHz antenna (2 per unit) for Euro/Africa ANNXIN TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED US$270 per 200, inc shipping 100 of each US$1.35 200 0
16GB microSD card AU$9.99 1 AU$9.99 0 0
16GB USB flash drive Officeworks TBA 1 TBA 5 0
Electronics SUB-TOTAL AU$141.99 + US$3.85
Power/Radio/USB cable 0 0
Part Source Cost Quantity Unit Cost Stock On Order
Female IP67 D-SUB 25 solder-cup connector (they don't make IP65/66 ones). These are proving a problem, due to limited available stock (a little cheaper, 28 in stock immediately). (a little more expensive, 9 available now, 50 more 17MAR2017). AU$420.56 28 AU$15.02 1 0
4-pin + 3-pin power leads (100cm male, 75cm female), IP67 certified, UV-stable (uncertified) 18AWG Shenzen Bett Electronic Co. LTD ( US$61+$69+$76+$92 + $168 shipping 100 US$4.66 0 0
2KB I2C 8-pin DIP EEPROM for power/radio ID cable AU$0.348 1 AU$0.348 154 0
Thumb-screws. Imperial thread. $0.881 1 $0.89 0 0
Low-pressure over-moulding of power/radio cable, including assembly of cable components. To be provided by Akidelo. TBA 1 AU$15.00 24 0
Power/radio cable SUB-TOTAL AU$31.26 + US$4.66
Housing 0 0
Part Source Cost Quantity Unit Cost Stock On Order
Injection-moulded housing upper, produced from our custom injection-moulding tools. ~AU$400 to mount tool in machine, then fixed unit cost thereafter. Self-supply via Garon Plastics TBA TBA ~AU$10 ? 44 white, 2 grey, 6 clear, 93 red 0
Injection-moulded housing lower, as above 53 white, 0 grey, 6 clear, 93 red
BS154 o-ring seal for housing Statewide bearings ( AU$65.45 100 AU$0.66 36 0
RP-SMA male to RP-SMA female bulk-head connector, with o-ring for IP65. Two per Mesh Extender. Cost is per pair, stock is individual Kunshan Wavelink Electronic Co., Ltd. ( US$10.76 1 US$10.76 91 0
u.fl to RP-SMA female bulk-head connector, with o-ring for IP65. One per Mesh Extender Kunshan Wavelink Electronic Co., Ltd. ( US$3.85 1 US$3.85 46 0
External serial number and product identification To be provided by Akidelo. AU$300 one-time setup cost also applies. $25 freight per order. AU$370+AU$25 100 AU$3.95 0 0
Internal serial number TBA - likely that we will just write on a white silk-screen region on the board. TBA TBA TBA 0 0
Goretex breather hole adhesive membrane spots. Shelf life of unused adhesive may be short (<1 year), also they need to confirm the most appropriate part and carry out a fitness for purpose appraisal. 500 is the normal minimum order, but they may be willing to entertain a smaller job-lot for us, Sydney office, +61 2 94736800 AU$1600 + GST + delivery 100 AU$5.81 0 0
Plastite 45 M4x12mm, stainless pan head screws (3 per Mesh Extender) £90 for 900 inc delivery, total ~AUD$155 900 AUD$0.51 per ME To be counted 0
~4mm high imperial jack screws to fit the D-SUBs US$145 for 500, i.e., enough for 125 Mesh Extenders + freight (currently unknown cost) US$1.20 per ME 361 0
Foam D-Sub gasket Hand-made TBA TBA TBA 10 0
Housing SUB-TOTAL AU$20.93 + US$14.61
GRAND TOTAL AU$194.18 + US$23.12 (~AU$227.01 @ 23JUL2019)