How to install CyanogenMod on HTC myTouch 3G Slide

Rooting and installing a custom ROM isn't as trivial as we would like on these phones.

This assumes that you are on a Unix-like system, and have the Android SDK installed, the adb utility in particular.

You will also need a few files that are mentioned in the instructions, which can be downloaded from the URLs mentioned.

This process uses material from*-Flash-the-Eng-Release-to-the-Slide-*6-15-2010 to flash ClockworkMod recovery and numerous other places. We appreciate the considerable effort that many people have gone to in order for us to produce these instructions.

The recipe is as follows:

  1. If required, turn phone on (after removing plastic insert in battery compartment), and follow the on-screen prompts until you get to the home screen.
  2. Have the phone connected to computer via USB.
  3. Pull down the top menu, select the USB connection type, choose “Charge Only”, and “Done.”
  4. Navigate to settings on your phone. Select “Applications”, then select “Development” and enable “USB Debugging”.
  5. If you are on a UNIX system run the shell script at the end of this page from your computer in the same directory as the various files you need. It automates most of the process.
  6. But if you are Steve, run PREPARE.BAT from c:\mytouch and wait for it to finish (it will take a few minutes per phone).
  7. Unplug the phone, and plug the next one in to prepare to this point.

Now all that is left is interacting with the bootloader and recovery menus:

  1. Power Off phone.
  2. Power on Using Volume Down + Power. (After a few seconds it will automatically begin examining, with a blue progress bar in the top-right of the screen.)
  3. Press Volume Up to apply update (this installs the downgraded firmware from ESPRIMG.ZIP that you copied on earlier).
  4. After the update completes (about 3 minutes), press vol-down to not reboot.
  5. Use vol-down to highlight “recovery”, and then press the power button.
  6. When the screen shows a phone + red triangle with exclamation mark, hold vol-up and press power. You should see the recovery menu.
  7. Press vol-down to highlight 'Apply', then press the power button to apply.
  8. Follow the menus to flash from sd-card
  9. Follow the menus to wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache
  10. Reboot phone. It should boot running the CyanogenMod 7.2 ROM.
echo "Acquiring root..."
adb shell rm /data/local/tmp/sh
adb shell rm /data/local/tmp/boomsh
adb push zergrush /data/local
adb push flash_image /data/local
adb push mtd0.img /data/local
adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/zergrush
adb shell /data/local/zergrush
sleep 5
echo "Got root, now putting things in place..."
adb push ESPRIMG.ZIP /mnt/sdcard
adb push /mnt/sdcard/
adb shell chmod 755 /data/local/flash_image
adb shell /data/local/flash_image misc /data/local/mtd0.img
echo "Now shut phone down, and hold vol-down and press power to turn back on."
echo "Press vol-up when prompted to apply update."
echo "Press vol-down to not reboot."
echo "Press vol-down again to highlight 'recovery'"
echo "Press power to select 'recovery'."
echo "When the screen shows a phone + red triangle with exclamation mark, hold vol-up and press power."
echo "Press vol-down to highlight 'Apply'"
echo "Press power to select 'Apply'"